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    There is not one particular Hearing aid that is best in the market and will be appropriate for every Hearing Loss. Which makes it more complicated for the individual to find out best solution for your need.

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  • We deal with disorders including articulation, language, fluency, hearing, cognition, and voice for Adults and Pediatric polpulation. We provide specialized services for specific problem areas such as dysarthria, apraxia of speech, aphasia, traumatic brain injury, autism and developmental delay.
  • Cochlear Implant help children and adults with Severe to Profound Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Cochlear Implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a Deaf person.
  • As there are special needs of our kids and there lifestyle differs from Adults. The criteria of amplification for them is also different to prevent our child from the affect of Hearing Loss on his/her Social, Personal & academic performance.
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Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon, one of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers, has a strong track record of innovation and technological breakthroughs, including ear level digital- and voice-activated hearing aids as well as hearing devices powered by Artificial Intelligence. The Opticon Products are as follows:

SUMO DM - A heavyweight in the SuperPower category
In the SuperPower category, Sumo is in a class of its own. Sophisticated digital sound processing technologies provide maximum power and audibility.
Oticon Hit – RISE sound quality for cost-conscious clients
Hit is the logical choice for clients whose first motivation is to improve their hearing skills in everyday situations, and for whom cost is an important concern. With Hit, users gain access to unique high-end features at entry level costs.
Agil – The energy of understanding!
Oticon Agil takes the hard work out of making sense of sound and following conversation. Like no other hearing instrument, Oticon Agil is designed to give people more energy to cope in complex situations. You could call it the confidence and ability to communicate freely and interact naturally. We call it the energy of understanding.
Acto - An all together better mid-market solution
Exceptional sound quality, enhanced spatial awareness and wireless connectivity are benefits previously only associated with premium instruments. Oticon Acto’s best-in-class technology now brings these benefits to clients in the mid-market segment.

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