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  • As there are special needs of our kids and there lifestyle differs from Adults. The criteria of amplification for them is also different to prevent our child from the affect of Hearing Loss on his/her Social, Personal & academic performance.
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Audionce Hearing Aids

The Unique Functions of MDSP ZD Audiometers
1. The truly independent two channel clinical audiometer classified as Type 1.
2. Automatically calculate pure tone averages at frequencies designated for both air and bone conduction. Air-bone gap calculations are an optional feature.
3. Masking alert whenever there is a need for masking in both air and bone conduction testing.
4. As selected, automatic masking procedures can guide reliable testing.
5. Built-in sound level meter is capable of monitoring environmental noises of both continuous and impact natures. There noise measure scales are available to ensure relatively accurate noise surveillance from A-weighting to C weighting.
6. Automatic work recognition scoring and recording to make speech audiometry forever easy and simple.
7. Remotely controlled pediatric testing functions just need one audiologist for the first time.
8. Animated audio-visual sound field testing can reduce lengthy testing time needed otherwise.
9. Built-in word lists and well calibrated voice recording are easy and fast in speech testing.
10. Multi-operational approaches to satisfying different needs of audiologists, ranging from key board control to mouse operation.
11. To click on the mouse can directly produce testing stimuli on screen, reducing operation steps significantly.
12. The on-screen spectral demonstration of testing signals is a very educational tool for patients and also a quick way to verify testing protocols selected.
13. Print review allows the clinician to tailor contents of audiologic reports for effective communication.
14. Multi language capabilities can make the use of the audiometer friendly and straightforward.
15. Two databases are provided the client database responsible for comprehensive client information management and the dynamic database for audiologic evaluation (DDAA) providing an in-depth analysis of all testing results.


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