• Hearing Aid Helpline gives you a detailed information about Hearing Aids to help you in finding BEST Solution for your Hearing Problem. Hearing Aid Helpline deals in all the major brands available worldwide.

    There is not one particular Hearing aid that is best in the market and will be appropriate for every Hearing Loss. Which makes it more complicated for the individual to find out best solution for your need.

    To find out the Best solution for your Problem and compare Hearing Aids, click one of the buttons below: Compare Hearing Aids by:

  • We deal with disorders including articulation, language, fluency, hearing, cognition, and voice for Adults and Pediatric polpulation. We provide specialized services for specific problem areas such as dysarthria, apraxia of speech, aphasia, traumatic brain injury, autism and developmental delay.
  • Cochlear Implant help children and adults with Severe to Profound Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Cochlear Implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a Deaf person.
  • As there are special needs of our kids and there lifestyle differs from Adults. The criteria of amplification for them is also different to prevent our child from the affect of Hearing Loss on his/her Social, Personal & academic performance.
  • Batteries
    Assistive listening Devices
    Ear moulds
    Wax guards
    Hearing Care Kit
  • Be a part of our Member Groups and avail Discount on Hearing Aids and Free benefits on Various Products & Accessories.

    BATTERY CLUB: Join Battery Club to get cheaper batteries life time.
    HEARING AID BANK: Donate your old Hearing Aids and avail discount on new Hearing Aids under exchange offer.

    Upgrade Your Old Hearing Aids
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About Hearing Aid Helpline

Hearing Aid Helpline was setup with a dream of giving the Best quality hearing care services to through focus on excellence in client care, development of its people and commitment to the Hearing Industry, Hearing Aid Helpline has grown to be India's leading independent provider of hearing healthcare services and products. With over 25 permanently staffed clinics throughout Delhi & NCR, we have one of the most extensive Delhi & NCR networks of clinics. Our clinics are conveniently located to ensure ease of access for our clients.

HEARING AID HELPLINE hold the leadership position in the provision of audiology services in INDIA with over 15 hearing clinics in total and growing at a faster pace.

We are providing our population the best audiological services available in the country. We employ a highly qualified team of professional audiologists, each with extensive experience in all areas of hearing loss, including rehabilitation, hearing loss prevention and the latest hearing instrument fitting technologies. We use the latest and state of the art audiology equipments in diagnosing hearing loss and for the fitting of hearing devices. Ensuring to provide you with the most professional expertise and an excellent on-going client care program. Our total focus is on providing you the BEST Audiology Services and BEST after sale service.

Our clinics are not aligned to a manufacturer giving our clients a wider choice to try and get the best possible solution for their hearing problem. We are proud to deliver the best quality, outcome and services to our clients with the BEST & strong clinical excellence.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

At Hearing Aid Helpline, we work with a mission to setup a state of art Audiology and dispensing chain of centers globally. We endeavor to provide every help related to hearing. We offer hearing aids in terms of hearing kits, knowledge, advice and treatments.

Our Vision

We work with a clear vision of commitment to provide best hearing solutions to each and every patient with the best possible products and services in the hearing industry.

For any queries about us, you can email us at  query@hearingaidhelpline.com.

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